Dice Cleansing Kits
'Juju', 'Negative Energy', 'Bad Vibes', whatever you call it, sometimes is happens to your dice. It seems like you're failing every roll lately. The GM is out to get you. The system rules can't be right. If any of this sounds familiar, you've come to the right place. Dice Cleansing Kits were created to wipe out any bad mojo your dice have collected along the way and get you back to rolling critical hits.

For thousands of years gypsies, druids, pagans, and spellcasters of all kinds have used these materials to banish evil spirits. Now the Dice Witch reveals their secrets to you. She has given instructions for daily and on the spot cleansing as well as a complete cleansing ritual. Kits can be used for cleansing dice as well as any other objects and even people.
Materials Include:
  • Instructions
  • 3-4" Abalone shell for burning sage
  • 4" White sage smudge bundle
  • Polished clear quartz nugget
  • Himalayan rock salt chunk in resealable bag
  • Choice of dice bag
Bag Styles

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Cleansing kits can be shared (if you desire) with no ill effects to the materials' cleansing ability.

Dice Charging Kits
It's like a RockStar Energy Drink for your dice. Give them a quick boost of extra strength, protection, intelligence, awareness, and more. Each stone charges your dice with specific attributes. You can choose to charge one die or charge them all. As with the cleansing materials, charging stones can be used with dice, character minis, game pieces, or kept in your pocket for a little personal rejuvenation.

Haven't you always wanted a way to shore up your character's weak points or gain a little bonus on an important role? Almost every race, culture, and religion you can imagine have used the natural properties of gemstones for protection, divination, healing, and ritual work. It's time to add gamers to the list.
Materials Include:
  • Instructions and stone identification card
  • 3x4" pouch to hold charging stones
  • 9 medium gemstone nuggets to charge with the following energies:
  • Protection, luck, strength, charisma, spirit,
  • Healing, wisdom, stamina, and awareness.
  • Choice of dice bag
Bag Styles
Charging stones will pick up energy off of objects or people they touch. The Dice Witch recommends keeping these stones to yourself!


Disclaimer: Content on this site has been developed to inform, educate, and entertain gamers. Nothing on this site should be construed as advice to disregard standard rules of game play, GM instructions, or established system mechanics. Always consult an appropriate healer to diagnose and treat wounded characters.